Corporate (Local)
"Create an account as a company based in Sri Lanka"

Opening an account as a local company

Documents required in order to open an account or request for an application:

  • Central Depository System 2 form (CDS 2)
  • Central Depository System 2 (B) form (CDS 2 (B))
  • Central Depository System 2 (A) form (CDS 2 (A))
  • Company Know Your Customer (KYC) form (Company KYC)
  • Directors Individual KYC forms (Directors KYC)
  • FATCA declaration form (FATCA)
  • Client Initiation Report View PDF
  • SMS Alert Application Form View PDF
  • Other documents required to be certified as true copies by the Company Secretary:

  • Director Details
    • Name/s, NIC No's/, Addresses and Occupations of Directors
    • Certified copy of NIC or valid Passport of Directors (valid passport copy)(NIC / Passport copy should be certified by an Attorney-at - Law / Justice of Peace(JP))
  • Name and addresses, Percentages of share holding of top 10 shareholders
  • Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles Association
  • Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board Resolution (Only if the 'Certificate of Resolution' on account opening form is not filled)
  • If an authorized person is signing the CDS application form on behalf of the Applicant Company, a copy of NIC or Passport of the authorized person should be forwarded.

Please note:

  • When filling the application forms please avoid using correction fluid.
  • All supporting documents should be certified as true copy of the originals, by a Company Secretary.
  • Details required in 6 A and 7 above have to be provided on a Company letterhead duly certified by Company Secretary.
  • Two Director signature's with company embossed seal required on CDS 2, CDS 2(A), NBS 1 and Internet Trading Agreement (Unless otherwise stated by the company article)

Same process as an unlisted company (see above) with the exception that documents mentioned in 6, 7, 8 and 9 above are not required.

Please note:

    When filling the application forms please avoid using correction fluid.

If completed documents are to be posted, please submit a scanned copy of the documents to the NDBS Operations Department via e-mail ( for verification, prior to posting the documents to NDBS.