Group Products
"A comprehensive range of solutions to suit your business requirements"

We are able to offer the following services through NDB Investment Bank (NDBIB):

Corporate Advisory

NDBIB's has experience in both asset purchases and dispositions in a wide range of industries and sectors in Sri Lanka. The Bank uses an M & A model designed to embrace the entire M & A process and provides clients with a comprehensive and personalized advisory service.

NDBIB's dynamic team adopts a hands-on approach and evaluates each challenge individually while providing clients with comprehensive strategies built on a solid foundation of research. Their methods and techniques in this area have come to be accepted as the industry norm.

Private placement services are available via NDBIB in order to facilitate the raising of capital through equity for medium / large scale companies with high growth potential or companies at the pre - IPO stage.

Equity Capital

NDB Investment Bank (NDBIB) provides hands-on guidance to clients, with sound financial advice throughout the entire IPO process. Their client-focused staff are able to offer clients a total financial solution including structuring, managing and ensuring all deliverables; while maintaining objectivity.

They also have numerous years of experience in the process, so much that the IPOs handled by NDBIB have achieved the highest rate of oversubscription in the Sri Lankan equity market.

NDBIB offers companies with high potential for growth with an all-inclusive range of advisory services and solutions for the purpose of raising further capital.

NDBIB provides companies with the opportunity of raising capital via preference shares as an alternative to raising capital via ordinary shares.

The Company has the expertise necessary to handle mandatory and voluntary offers. Some of the high-profile offers we have handled include offers made by Hemas Holding PLC, Keells Hotels PLC and Equity One PLC.

NDBIB offers medium/large scale companies with an all-inclusive service in raising equity through a widespread investor network.

Clients are able to take advantage of their superior financial solutions, along with experience and expertise in managing listed equity placements.

Debt Finance

Having successfully managed the largest debenture issue in Sri Lanka to date, NDBIB is ready to provide you with a comprehensive suite of conventional financial tools to raise capital.

NDBIB is perfectly positioned to offer clients a comprehensive service in managing the entire process of loan syndication; thanks to an extensive network of contacts and mutual working relationships created with major local and foreign banking institutions.

Having set the benchmark for all securitization transactions done in Sri Lanka, NDBIB is fully equipped to guarantee the placement of our client's instruments, supported extensively by a large investor database. NDBIB were the pioneers in handling utility, plantation and credit card securitizations in the Sri Lankan financial market with clients including the Ceylon Electricity Board, Amana Securities Limited and Richard Peiris Distributers Limited.

Please navigate to http://www.ndbib.com to learn more.