The Firm
"Knowing exactly who we are, what we stand for and where we are headed makes all the difference"

NDB Securities Pvt. Ltd

VISION To be the most sought - after stock broking firm in Sri Lanka.

  • Draw strength from diversity and teamwork to promote the Sri Lankan capital market locally, through the improvement and expansion of the local branch network and globally through attracting and establishing an array of long standing foreign clientele.

  • Integrity and highest standards of ethical and professional conduct have always been our forte.
  • Passion drives us to reach greater heights whilst endurance makes us immune to industry challenges.
  • Perseverance is the foundation on which we build our clients' future.
  • Continuous Development - We are constantly in pursuit of new opportunities and challenges that would enhance our service levels.
  • Team Work - Our team is our Asset. We work in unity day-in and day-out, to give the best experience to our clientele.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Investing on someone's behalf is not a mere job, but a responsibility over their life aspirations and dreams. We help define what success must mean to our clients, for real success lies not only in financial gain but in a wealth acquired through an ethical relationship supported by well informed decisions. Success is not a miracle that will blossom overnight but a gradual process where you evolve every step of the way, which is why our research team and financial advisors will work tirelessly not only to increase your yield but to learn and understand your private economy.

I would like to extend a warm 'ayubowan' to our investors, a Sinhalese phrase used to welcome our guests which is not just a simple hello, but a wish for your longevity, growth and prosperity. We at NDB Securities are committed to multiplying your wealth in Sri Lanka's growing capital market while staying true to our traditions. A good company at all times must always stay true to its roots, and we have sailed through Sri Lanka's recent economic changes without compromising on our adherence to the NDB Group's thorough ethical compliance standards.

Longevity is all about adaptation, and the current economic environment called us not only to adopt but also to be agile while staying focused, as I believe we possess the dynamics to make competition irrelevant in today's evolving market place. Hence we continue to expand, which makes our products more accessible through increasing branch network and State-of-the-art online trading facility. No matter where you are in the world, we are committed to walk by you, fueling your investment decisions that may bring you the wealth and prosperity you deserve.

Over the years we have increased our level of integration with the NDB Group to bring our clients a wider range of financial products and investment options. We also increased regional access to capital markets and incorporated finest technology into our operations. However, still our greatest value proposition is our dedicated team who are committed to ensure your financial goals are secured. NDBS team work tirelessly day in and day out, so that our internal functions work as efficiently as clockwork and our value chain is poised to deliver. We, NDB Securities are ready to plant the seed of your investment and guide you as it delivers on the promise of your future.

We are not just a stockbroker; we are your strategy for success.

Mrs. Prasansani Mendis,
Chief Executive Officer

  • Full member of the Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Established in 1992, NDB Securities (Pvt) Ltd is one of the pioneering and leading stock brokering companies in the country. NDBS, a licensed stockbroker, is a full member of the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and provides a variety of investment advisory-related services on both listed debt and equity securities.

  • Key player in the market
  • NDB Securities has been an important player in the CSE over the years. It was the lead stockbroker in some of the largest IPO and debenture listings in the CSE. NDBS has also introduced a number of local and foreign high net-worth individuals and institutional investors to the market. In addition, NDBS facilitated many placements of strategic stakes of listed companies.

  • The ethical stockbroker
  • NDBS is one of the prime stock broking companies in Sri Lanka, differentiating itself by accommodating the highest ethical and compliance guidelines.

  • Advanced information technology framework
  • NDBS has a dedicated IT team committed to ensuring high service levels of all IT infrastructure and the highest level of security of all transactions. Continuous technology upgrades are underway to improve client user experience by providing the latest tech-related features as well as to improve connectivity and system efficiency for all clients.

  • A rewarding long term financial relationship
  • All employees have been trained in providing the best service to clients in order to ensure that the professional relationship maintained between staff members and clients is rewarding for both the client and the firm.

  • Advisory backed by a highly skilled and experienced research team
  • The NDBS research team has the privilege of having had the 'highest investment returns for its stock recommendations amongst the analysts covering the CSE in 2012 and 2013' Bloomberg. NDBS is also one of the first to provide research services in English, Sinhala and Tamil simultaneously.

  • Providing you with the right information at the right time
  • The research and advisory teams are in constant contact with the latest on the financial markets, striving to identify trends and give you only the most accurate information on which capital to buy, sell or hold.

  • Widespread reach
  • Global reach is ensured through the NDBS international agent network.